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Welcoming your family and children to the Church
The first of the sacraments of the Church is Baptism. We look forward to welcoming families to ask for their children to start their journey of faith in this most important of sacraments.
Five times a year our catechists hold a short programme of preparation, over two Saturday mornings. These sessions explain the background and practicalities of Baptism. We then agree a suitable date for the Rite of Welcome and the Baptism itself.
For more information contact our catechist coordinator Catherine Davies on catherinedavies2010@icloud.com
Little 'Uns
Each week mothers, babies and toddlers meet for a few hours for a time of play, conversation and snacks. A short time of singing and prayer is included to help the children become familiar to the church.

For more information contact our Little 'Uns coordinator
Children's Liturgy
During Mass on Saturday and Sunday our catechists lead a time for our youngest children to read the week's gospel and through play and talk to begin to learn more about the scripture of the day.

Simply help your children to join the group leaving the church with their Book of the Gospel. Parents are encouraged to join us to help support the group.
Prayer Bags
Helping our children to understand the Bible and to learn to pray is one of our most important tasks as parents. To help you we have created a number of Prayer Bags; each contains a bible story and a great many resources to explore the themes and to practice the common Catholic prayers
Look for the bags in the church and sign them out to enjoy a family time with the episodes from the Bible.
Preparing your child for the joy of receiving Communion
These four programmes take place before the 11am Mass on Sunday, starting at 10am. The 10 or 12 sessions are scheduled fortnightly - allowing for school holidays and half term breaks. Programs begin after autumn half term.
To begin the process of preparing for Communion we have a group for the youngest children - in Reception and Year 1 - to start the exploration of the environment of the church, the symbols and signs of our faith, and to learn more about the Mass. Our catechists will invite you to observe the sessions and to help your child with practicing the core prayers of our faith - the Sign of the Cross, the Lord's Prayer and the Hail Mary.
The Sacrament of Reconciliation
Before receiving Communion for the first time children will be prepared for their First Reconciliation. Our catechists help the children to understand the meaning of reconciliation and 'confession'. Our sensitive and careful approach has been praised by parents as being a very approachable way for the young children to pass through this sacramental milestone.
First Holy Communion
The central Sacrament of the Church is the Eucharist and well all look forward to the day we can join with the community and our families to receive the Body and Blood of Christ. Taking up from Reconciliation the children are prepared through a structured programme for the great day of the First Communion. Parents are supported to help prepare for the fortnightly sessions by going through the appropriate chapter in advance.
Children in school year 3 and older are invited to enrol.
Parents are rightly concerned that without the help of a Catholic School sustaining the child's journey of faith discovery can be very challenging. We have designed a two year programme of sessions to explore the church, its history, the scriptures and the sacraments in more depth.
Children who have received their First Communion are welcome to join the group. For more information and dates of sessions contact the Post Communion coordinator sacraments@sacredheartflitwick.co.uk
Journeying onwards in the faith
The post Communion programme leads our older children towards the Sacrament of Confirmation.
In Baptism we look forward to the day that our children will stand up and 'confirm' the Baptism Promises for themselves. Though a series of preliminary sessions each month we lead towards a concentrated programme of 10 weeks to lead to the day that Bishop Peter will come to the parish for the momentous day.
Session take place before the Saturday evening Mass, with three sessions for the parents accompanying their children. Confirmation takes place in the parish only every other year, generally in years ending in an even number eg 2018.
Children must be in minimum of Year 8 at the time of the Confirmation date to enrol.
After Confirmation - YouCat
Our parish values our young people and seeks to do as much as is practical to engage with them and to offer activities for them.

Over the last few years we have used the YouCat as the focus for our occasional events. YouCat is a youth orientated presentation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. These evening have a social component - cooking supper - and conversation about issues that come out of living a life as a young Christian.
NYMO - the Northampton Youth Ministry Office
NYMO has been providing its LUX programmes and BLAZE event for confirmation for many years. Young people from our parish always have the opportunity to take part, and some have gone on to become members of the young leaders programme SALT and Light.
To enroll in any of our progammes you can do so by…
or talk to Deacon Philip 07711 953926 or via deaconphilip@sacredheartflitwick.co.uk
Coming along to the advertised events and meet the catechists
We ask that you support the group in the following ways:

Parents  or guardians of the children are welcome to stay and watch the session

Please consider joining a helping rota

Parents and guardians who are present at the end of the session are asked to advise a leader when they leave with their child

On occasion people other than the child’s parent or guardian may be collecting them after the session if this is case please ensure that one of the leaders knows who is collecting the child

We want children to enjoy their time at the pre-communion group and ask that you support us with the following:

Your child must not leave church without the permission of an adult leader

Suitable clothes and footwear must be worn at all times

No running or shouting in the church unless part of an activity

Your child must not cause damage to equipment, premises or cause a nuisance

The kitchen is out of bounds

If your child  needs to use the toilet that they ask the leaders to do so, and not just leave the group
Should anyone have cause to complain about any aspects of the groups, the leaders, or any child attending, the complaint will be treated in strictest confidence.