Every two years the church plans a parish pilgrimage to a holy site.

Our next one planned for September 2018 is to Poland, the homeland of Pope John Paul II and a country with a strong Catholic tradition dating back to the conversion to Christianity of Prince Mieszko and the ‘baptism’ of the country in 966AD. This pilgrimage will be a deeply spiritual experience, as you hear about the heroes of Poland’s turbulent history and the strong faith that led them through.


The response has been overwhelming….we have 50 pilgrims signed up on this parish pilgrimage a pilgrimage record!!! As a result there are no spaces left and the deadline is now closed! Thank you so much to everyone who has committed to this trip and supporting this event.
Please keep this date in your diaries – SATURDAY 16 JUNE 2018 – 2.00 PM at the SACRED HEART CHURCH, FLITWICK for a pre-pilgrimage get together.
Thank you Ros Penn