Prayer Bags

Prayer Bags
In 2017 we started a ‘prayer bag’ scheme for the youngest children of our parish. The idea is to help parents give their children an experience of the Bible and prayer in the comfort of their own home.
We are all used to spending time with our children in following up with reading and arithmetic tasks from school. These times provide not only of learning but also a time for conversation with our children, a precious thing in our ever-busy lives.
That too is the aim of our own prayer bags. Each bag features a different Bible character or story; each has a set of wooden figures that can be used to help explore the story. No deep knowledge of the Bible or church teaching is needed; everything is provided for parent and child story-time that will develop your children’s understanding of the foundational stories of their faith. Arranged in the chronological order of the Old and New Testament the bags may be used in any sequence.
The parish has invested in the bags to teach people of all ages more about the faith. It is intended to enable parents to fulfil their baptism commitment, to be the ‘first and best teachers of the child’ in the ways of the faith. The prayer bags are ideally suited for children up to and including Year 1, after which we start our formal sacramental preparation.
If you have young children, please take a bag, and over two weeks explore the story and its activities. We simply ask that you return the bag after two weeks for the benefit of other families.